FAO - ICSF's Project on Support the social, economic and environmental transformation of the small-scale fisheries sector towards its better contribution to food security and poverty eradication as a result of improved policies, strategies and initiatives


International Collective in Support of Fishworkers (ICSF)
Zaanstraat 282,
1013 SB Amsterdam,
The Netherlands
Email: icsf@icsf.net


  • Produce four animated videos on the following subjects: governance of tenure and resource management (chapter 5 of the SSF Guidelines); social development, employment and decent work (chapter 6 of the SSF Guidelines); value chains, post-harvest and trade (chapter 7 of the SSF Guidelines) and disaster risk and climate change (chapter 9 of the SSF Guidelines). This will include the script drafting and the preparation of short animated videos similar to the one already produced by ICSF and partners on the SSF Guidelines (www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqC9Bef-IwE).
  • Produce one practical implementation guide on social development, employment and decent work (chapter 6 of the SSF Guidelines). This guide will focus on raising the standard of living and enjoyment of human rights of informal small-scale fishers and fishworkers as well as their communities (including Indigenous Peoples). The guide will aim at raising awareness about human rights (and duties), about violence and corruption, about access to education, justice, etc., and about various government ministries and departments responsible for the realisation, protection and promotion of human rights (at the level of individuals, men and women, citizens, non-citizens, communities, Indigenous Peoples, collectives and as migrants).. It will highlight how the fisheries department, for example, could act as midwife on behalf of the vulnerable and marginalized in small-scale fisheries (both marine and inland), in particular. The guide, in this context, will highlight the role of national human rights commissions (NHRCs), the OHCHR Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, and the universal periodic review in protecting the human rights of fishing communities. The target audience will align with that outlines in paragraph 2.3 of the SSF Guidelines. The guide will then go into the pillars of decent work--rights at work; employment; social protection; and social dialogue as elucidated by ILO--and will provide guidance on strengthening these pillars, especially in the informal marine and inland fisheries sector as fishers and fishworkers--both men and women. This will be mainly based on ILO's work in the informal economy (see, for example, Decent Work and the Informal Economy Report VI, International Labour Conference 2002).

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