FAO - ICSF's Project on Support the social, economic and environmental transformation of the small-scale fisheries sector towards its better contribution to food security and poverty eradication as a result of improved policies, strategies and initiatives


Centre for Marinelife Conservation and Community Development - (MCD)
Mr. Nguyen Thu Hue
Suite 3104, Level 31, Building 34T,
Hoang Dao Thuy Street,
Cau Giay District,
Email: nthue@mcdvietnam.org

International Collective in Support of Fishworkers (ICSF)
Zaanstraat 282,
1013 SB Amsterdam,
The Netherlands
Email: icsf@icsf.net


  • Small-scale fishing communities are better informed about co-managing local aquatic and coastal ecosystems and benefits of community-based MCS systems to deter, prevent and eliminate IUU fishing practices.


  • Awareness-raising workshop in the central coastal region for local government and small-scale fishing communities on co-management and combating IUU fishing in light of the Amended Fisheries Law of Viet Nam
  • Organize a national policy workshop to develop an action plan on combating IUU fishing in small-scale fisheries through co-management

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