FAO - ICSF's Project on Support the social, economic and environmental transformation of the small-scale fisheries sector towards its better contribution to food security and poverty eradication as a result of improved policies, strategies and initiatives


Network Activities Group – (NAG)
Bobby M.G
No. 31-A1, Mya Hninsi Lane,
Rose Park 3, Ward 27,
North Dagon Township,Yangon,
Email: 72.bobby@gmail.com
Phone No: 95-9795278816 / 95-9-252875631 

International Collective in Support of Fishworkers (ICSF)
Zaanstraat 282,
1013 SB Amsterdam,
The Netherlands
Email: icsf@icsf.net


  • Improved governance of small-scale fisheries and enhanced upholding of duties towards conservation and sustainable use of fisheries resources and decent work at the subnational levels.


  • Review current co-management plan for Mya Sein Kan fishing ground in the Delta region of Myanmar, especially to integrate conservation and sustainable use of living resources, based on the SSF Guidelines
  • Review and strengthen capacity of fisher development association (FDA) to promote community awareness, to develop fisheries management plan and to enforce co-management regulations
  • Undertake a study on working conditions of fishers and fishworkers in kyar phong (stow net) fisheries in Mon and Ayeyarwaddy regions towards improving the conditions of work of small-scale migrant fishers and fishworkers
  • Raise awareness of media on issues related to working conditions in fisheries
  • Strengthen capacity of FDA and Ayeyarwaddy Region fishers’ network (ARFN) to raise issues related to kyar phong (stow net) fisheries in policy dialogue - have a review of responses and gaps in natural disasters and climate change capacities and policies, given the region of interest
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