Outcome: Improved awareness about the SSF Guidelines at the community, national and institutional level and better understanding of the challenges facing the implementation of the SSF Guidelines.


· Translate the SSF Guidelines summary (prepared by John Kurien for ICSF) into Nzema, Fanti, Ga-Dangme and Ewe and put them on a webpage

· Organize three one-day workshops (30 fishworkers and local-level fishworker organizations in each workshop) to raise awareness about the SSF Guidelines and to apply them at the community level

· Organize a two-day national workshop on implementing the SSF Guidelines with representatives of women in small-scale fisheries, local/national fishworker organizations; Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development, academia, media and other relevant stakeholders

· Build networks and alliances with fishworker organizations and CSOs to establish a national SSF Guidelines platform

· Video document interventions in Child Labour and Trafficking (CLaT) and how the SSF Guidelines can assist in eliminating child labour and traffic in children

Summary of SSF Guidelines by John Kurin translated in Ewe, Ga, Fante and Nzema