Small-scale fisheries

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Maynoua, Francesc, Beatriz Morales-Ninb, Miguel Cabanellas-Reboredob, Miquel Palmerb, Eugenio Garcíab and Antonio María Grauc. Small-scale fishery in the Balearic Islands (W Mediterranean): A socio-economic approach. Fisheries Research Volume 139,
  • :Small-scale fisheries
  • :Spain

Guyadera, O., , P. Berthoub, C. Koutsikopoulosc, F. Alband, S. Demanècheb, M.B. Gaspare, R. Eschbaumf, E. Fahyg, O. Tullyh, L. Reynali, O. Curtild, K. Frangoudesd and F. Maynoui. Small scale fisheries in Europe: A comparative analysis based on a sel
  • :Small-scale fisheries
  • :European Union

Jentoft, Svein and Eide, Arne (Eds.), Poverty Mosaics: Realities and Prospects in Small-Scale Fisheries 2011, XXXI, 510p. 77 illus., 54 illus. in color.
  • :Small-scale fisheries
  • :World

Townsend, R.; Shotton, R.; Uchida, H. (eds). Case studies in fisheries self-governance. FAO Fisheries Technical Paper. No. 504. Rome, FAO. 2008. 451p.
  • :Small-scale fisheries
  • :Canada, Japan, New Zealand, United States

Eythorsson, E. Voices of the weak – relational aspects of local ecological knowledge in the fisheries. Chapter 11 in Commons in a Cold Climate (Ed: S. Jentoft). 185-204. Man and Biosphere Series, UNESCO, 1998,
  • :Small-scale fisheries
  • :Finland

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